Adoption Timeline

Early in 2014, we decided to adopt.  It wasn’t a super quick decision.  We had been talking about it for months; investigating, meeting with people who had adopted and praying for God to just give us peace in the path he wanted us to take.  Here’s the timeline that our journey followed:

1/22                       made the decision to apply to Holt to their China program

1/24                       sent application to Holt

1/28                       accepted by Holt & sent LOADS of paperwork

3/20                       first meeting with Joy, our wonderful social worker

3/28                       second meeting with Joy

5/8                         received home study in the mail

5/10                       sent application (I-800a) to Homeland Security

5/19                       received a text that our I-800a had arrived and been opened

5/27                       received appointment time for fingerprinting with Homeland Security

6/5                         Homeland Security Appointment

6/24                       I-797 approval

7/18                       DTC

7/24                       LID

9/9                         Received THE referral

9/19                       LOI submitted to Holt

10/13                     LOI uploaded to CCCWA

10/28                     LOA

10/29                     applied for I-800

11/18                     applied for Visas to enter China

11/22                     received provisional approval of I-800

11/25                     received pdf of I-800 and applied for DS-260 and update on Lucas

11/26                     received NVC letter needed for Article 5

12/1                       Holt applied for our Article 5

12/2                      received our Visas from the Chinese Consulate

12/18                     Article 5 Pick Up

12/29                    Travel Approval

12/30                    Scheduled Our Trip!

1/15                       Leave for China!

1/19                       Official FAMILY DAY!  We received Lucas into our family and fell in love!

1/20                      Signed adoption papers making our forever commitment official

1/29                      Consulate Appointment to get Lucas’ visa

1/31                      HOME

The following graphic was created by someone else and if I had any idea who that was, I would give them credit for it.  I do not so I cannot. 🙂  If you run across this and know to whom I should be crediting, please let me know.   Still, it’s pretty useful to show a highlight of what all happens in the China adoption process.