November 18, 2015

What’s surprising and long overdue photos

Today I had to take Lucas into the post office. Of course there was a line and Lucas felt like being two and well, no one can blame him. He fidgeted, tried to crawl around on the floor, threw a few goldfish crackers, and did not want to be held. While I wrestled him waited I chatted with a kind lady behind me. Her daughter recently adopted and so we were talking about all the many things that come with international adoption. She asked me something that has actually been on my mind lately.

“What has surprised you most since you adopted him?”

There have been a few surprises since we adopted Lucas. We didn’t know that he had unilateral hearing loss and that was definitely a surprise. St. Louis is home to one of the nation’s best schools for deaf and hard of hearing children. That was also a surprise. Sometimes the body doesn’t heal properly and things that should be done with one surgery take three. That was a surprise too. Yet, none of these things even come close to what has surprised me most since adopting Lucas.

The thing that has surprised me most since we adopted Lucas is how totally completely mind blowing crazy we all are about him! When I see him with Chris and he displays his feisty little temper and Chris’s eyes meet mine and we just can’t handle it. We laugh and all we can say is that we love him so much. He leads Madeline around like he owns her. She willingly follows him doing whatever he wants. I don’t think a day has passed that Gavin has not thanked God for his “silly little brother.”

I remember the day I gave birth to Gavin. I worried that I wouldn’t be able to love him as much as I loved Madeline. All the “been there done that” moms assured me that I would but it wasn’t until I held him in my arms that I knew that a family’s love is never divided to become less, instead it somehow grows beyond my wildest dreams! Just like every first time parent says “I never knew I could love so much” that is the thing that has surprised me most since we adopted Lucas. Every single day I am surprised that I love him so much and it’s pretty amazing.

I’ve been trying to share some photos for a couple of months but was having some difficulty with my site.  I think it’s resolved so here are some from the last few months.

Lucas LOVES to dance!  He loves the Wiggles and we watch it pretty much every day and dance with him.  He’s got a few favorite songs and often requests “toot too chugga chugga” also known as “Big Red Car.”  This was his dance celebrating his birthday.


We celebrated as a family on his big day and gave him his very first cell phone and a tricycle.


We had just enough daylight to go out and let the kids play and teach Lucas what to do with his tricycle.


The weekend after his birthday we had a small party with extended family and friends.  Sissy dressed in full pirate gear to celebrate her baby brother properly.  Memaw, Papaw, Uncle Brad, Aunt Kasey, Naomi and Heidi all came from out of town to celebrate too!  Lucas spent most of the party carrying a big sword, playing in the water area of the park and practicing his duck face but did take a minute to enjoy some cake too.

This little guy is such an incredible joy.  He’s feisty, funny and fabulous and we thank God every day that we get to be his family!

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August 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Lucas

Our baby boy is TWO! He had a fabulous birthday today. We went to the park, had lunch with friends, had cake and opened presents. This kiddo is absolute joy in our lives and we can’t even believe how much love fills our hearts for him.

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July 20, 2015

Faithful Friends

Dear Faithful Friends,

Thank you so much for encouraging us when we announced that we wanted to adopt.  Thank you to those who were excited when we announced that we’d be adopting from China.  Thank you to those who, because you didn’t understand our reason for choosing international adoption instead of domestic or adopting from foster care, you asked in a respectful way that showed you were actually curious and not judgmental.  Thank you to those who prayed with us as we waited to see who God chose for our family.  Thank you for those who celebrated with us when we announced that we would be welcoming a son!

Thank you to those who prayed for us while we traveled and especially for our kids that we left at home.  That was the hardest!  Thank you to everyone who came to the airport to welcome us home.  We needed to see familiar faces!  Thank you to those who brought food to use those first weeks home!  There was no way I could have cooked.  Jet lag, no sleep and a grieving baby made Chris and myself into zombies for a good three months straight!  Thank you to those who offered to take our big kids to and from their events and school so I wouldn’t have to wake Lucas from a nap.  Thank you to those who have taken our big kids to fun things or just let them come to your house and hang out because while they’ve been sooo good, it’s been a tough transition for them too!  Thank you to those who have reminded me of school deadlines that I would totally have missed because of aforementioned zombie state.

Thank you to those who ask how I’m doing and wait to hear the reply.  Thank you to the friends who have asked how Lucas is adjusting and how you can pray for him and us.  Thank you to those friends who have not compared me to your “friend who adopted” and might have done things differently than me because they were given a different child with different needs.  Thank you to the friends who have offered to and those who have come to the house to talk with me during his nap time instead of just not seeing me.  Thank you to the friends who have walked with me and pushed the stroller because you value our relationship enough to meet me in this season I am in!  That means so much to me and I need to talk to my friends!  Thank you to the friends who remind me that I’m in a season and that it’s so very worth it!  Thank you to my friends who remember how hard it is to give up doing things for yourself during this season instead of saying things like “You chose to adopt!”

Thank you to those who have prayed for our marriage!  We were warned that this would reveal every flaw and yea, keep praying!  Thank you to those who have offered to sit with all three of our kids so that Chris and I could have a fast dinner and conversation before our eyelids close.  We WILL take you up on it so soon!  We are both totally committed to this covenant we made, even when we want to strangle one another!

Thank you to those who heard about doctor appointments and prayed, asked if I needed help with the big kids, helped with the big kids or went with me to spend the whole day at the hospital for crying out loud!  Thank you to those who, when I shared a possible diagnosis or a definite diagnosis… THANK YOU to those who lamented with me, who prayed for us, who GOT that even when it’s not fatal, it’s sad to hear that your child will have struggles.

There aren’t enough thank yous to give those of you who met those moments with words like:

I’m so glad God gave him you and Chris as parents because I KNOW you’ll make sure he gets exactly what he needs!


He is in the perfect place and the perfect family!


That’s so disappointing but I know he will be okay because of what God has already done to take care of him!


I don’t have any answers for that but I will pray and I know God will guide you and Chris!


When I can meet up with you to hear all things Lucas?


When can I bring over a bottle of wine?!


1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, “So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.”  THANK YOU for how you’ve encouraged and built us up these last six months!  It has been so difficult at times but we see light every day as things get easier, as Lucas reveals more confidence and understanding, and as Jesus reveals our great big need for him in the moments we don’t feel like acting like him!   We ask that you not grow weary of this task and that you keep encouraging and praying for us and doing the same for Lucas, Madeline and Gavin!  Christ has used your encouragement to carry us through and we are so grateful for you and your faithful friendship!

The Peytons

And for good measure, I took a photo of Lucas in an outfit that I brought to China.  I wasn’t sure it would fit him because it is 6-12 months.  I love this outfit and love even more the big difference in how it fits!


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